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Among Us mod menu how to access it and what its for

Among Us was originally designed with touch controls or mouse and keyboard in mind, meaning significant changes are necessary to make it work on controller. There are a variety of maps filled with random tasks for players to complete. The Impostors, for their part, have to avoid discovery while killing Crewmates before all the tasks are completed. Among Us encourages cooperation and alliances between Crewmates, but invites deception and discord from the Impostors, a mix that helped it achieve the success it has. While this might be an inconvenience for modders, the second set of terms is proving far more controversial.

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You have no problem with how you will be dealt with, banned from the lobby or kicked out of the lobby. If you wish to resolve this issue, please download the hack between us from the download link below. The pace of the work can be increased by the players provided with the tasks accordingly to their flexibility by leaving a hint behind for others.

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Under Local Files, click on Verify integrity of game files.This restores the game files as a fresh install. The the planet base, spaceship Henry-Stickmin airship and above-earth base are home to crew members of up to three Impostors. They are required to demolish locations and kill the crew.

10 to 15 players are dropped into a space ship and there you have to repair the ship to get into your civilization place. If you’re a Crewmate making quick repairs or an Impostor taking out key systems , each match is a riveting mystery. With the success of 100-player lobbies hosted by large influencers, it’s clear that there is a demand for higher player counts inAmong Us. Perhaps this mod will inspire an official update that allows for more players per match? The Discord server is hosted by YouTube creator Socksfor1. This unofficial 100-player among us mod game mode is only offered by this user.


So you can easily discover the impostors even while he is damn far away from you after utilizing this MOD. If you are interested, you can download Game Among Us from the Android Code website. As an astronaut, you must complete the missions to launch your ship or track down every pretender in your path. However, finding the impostor wasn’t easy at first.

The system will ask forPermissionjust click on the installation button. You can pick costumes, colors, and animals to play with. There are also funny things like sticky notes and toilet paper that make the game more fun. Before you take off on your journey, you should read some of the features that are guaranteed while you are on the shuttle. You don’t need to worry about them now, but later on, it will be helpful. Download the newest version of Among Us Mod apk for your Android phone.

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